More questions? Contact us.

What is the process to buy?
Please get your name on the waitlist and we will reach out to schedule a consultation ASAP.

How much is shipping?
A rough budget is $3/mile from Minneapolis.

Can you finance?
Yes! Roomsmith connects customers with our financing partners. Many loan options are available. Before we finalize your order our financing partners will reach out to you to discuss loan options.

What are the construction materials?
Roomsmith builds are made from steel, wood and EPS foam insulation. These are premium building materials that will last a lifetime. The walls, floor and roof are structurally laminated panels that are stronger than the average building.

Are they energy efficient?
Roomsmith builds are extremely energy efficient. This is because the high R value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging. Yes, our builds are snow load rated.

Am I allowed to add a room onto my house?
Different areas and communities have different rules and we design your room to conform with all requirements.

Is the roof flat?
Roomsmith builds come with a flat roof system. If you require a pitched roof, we will add the roof on site for an additional cost and match your existing shingle style.

How do the spaces connect?
Prior to the installation we will determine the exact location for your doorway. We will then cut into the exterior envelope of your house and install a threshold and door opening into your new space. ​

How do utilities connect?
Electric and HVAC comes pre installed in your build from the Roomsmith factory. Prior to installation, our licensed team will identify the existing systems and include any additional cost in the quote prior to finalizing. Then, our licensed install team will connect your new room to your systems on installation day.

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