Life is great. Make room for it!

+ Designed for you
Everything is included:
  • Foundation
  • Walls, Roof & Floor
  • Trim & Finishes
  • Windows & Doors
  • Wrap & Insulation
  • Electric & HVAC
  • Drawings & Permits
Our Process
A Roomsmith project manager meets at your home and collaborates to design the perfect room addition. All details are finalized in a set of build drawings for your approval and city permitting.
Your room is custom built to your specifications by industry professionals in a facility and onsite. At the same time, our site team completes site prep required including foundation. You can track the progress as each piece is completed.
Your new room framing can be installed in as little as 1 day with some of the team staying behind for finish details and trade work. After a final inspection, your new room is ready for you to enjoy.
Roomsmith builds are designed and installed by pro's with premium building materials that will last a lifetime. The walls, floor and roof are structurally stronger than the average building.

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